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Is your Travertine dirty or lost a bit of its natural beauty and driving you crazy? We see Travertine in all states of disrepair all around Perth, but such is the life of a floor. It has done its job well, and now it deserves to look its best again.

Nanoworx are expert restorers of stone floors. We will give your damaged Travertine floor the 5 star treatment to restore the natural fresh look and leave it protected. It doesn’t matter if it is chipped or cracked, stained or scratched, we will breathe new life into it. Not only that, our sealing coating is easy to maintain, so with minimal effort you can keep your floor looking great.

For travertine surfaces with high traffic and use this means your floor surface is wearing at a much faster rate, so routinely scheduled maintenance services are highly recommended to keep your travertine looking its best.


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Our Equipment Is Ready And Waiting

We’ve got the tools to get your job done fast and we are very experienced at getting the best results with them. Our grinders are amazing and will tackle any job in less time than other stone restorers in Perth. We’ve even got a hot wash tile and grout cleaner that leaves your surface clean and dry without messing your home.


How It Works

Our process works for both interior and exterior Travertine. After getting a free assessment we will advise on the level of wear and what is going to be needed to breathe life back into your floor. It might be as minor as a clean and seal, to extensive repairs or a full restoration.

We are experts who love stone, so we also provide a full range of Travertine care and maintenance services so you never have to worry about keeping your floors looking amazing, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t be put off if you think your job will be difficult or if access might be a problem, we service all kinds of properties, from homes, apartments, units to commercial office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Professional Hot Wash Cleaning

This is an absolute must do in the overall process, and involves blasting hot water into the floor and sucking all the dirt back out. We use a machine that heats the water before blasting it out of the high pressure washer head which then also vacuums all the dirt and debris away from the floor. This process works really well for decimating any mould that you may have had building up on the floor.

Scratch and Stain Removal

Stains and marks are almost inevitable unless you are bordering on fanatical in your care for your Travertine floor. We will remove these stains and scratches as part of the overall restoration process leaving your floor damage free. This step helps get the floor ready for the finishing/polishing stage.

Acid Etching Removal

Oh dear, the marks that just won’t go away and drive you crazy because it is all you can see, well we have a solution for that. In this step we use special diamond pads to remove all those spills and drops that have etched the surface usually caused by acidic items like lemon juice, wine, vinegar and anything from the kitchen really. We will restore the Travertine back to its original finish.

Filling the holes

Why do we bother to fill holes? Due to the travertine being sedimentary stone, it has holes by nature that normally get filled in the factory. Over a period of time and with all the wear from use, new holes can appear. These holes do their very best to catch dirt or to eventually become tripping points. So in order to keep the surface looking better and staying safer for longer, we fill those holes.

Acid Resistant Coating Applied

We pride ourselves on our next gen coatings. You can learn more about nano-technology here.

This final stage seals all the work that has been carried out and will leave your floor protected from stains and acidic etching.

Why Choose Nanoworx

We treat each project as if we were doing it for ourselves.


Our team combines over 30 years of experience into our craft so we’ve got an eye for perfection.


Stepping onto a property needs insurance, you can trust we are fully covered.


We have a huge arsenal of professional equipment to ensure a great final product.


You can reach us (Brendan or Ramon) anytime to discuss progress. We stand by our work.


In addition to our vast experience, we have registered with all required associations and governing bodies.

On Time

Time is money, especially when you are taking time off to manage projects around the home. We pride ourselves on getting the job done.


Happy Customers

I am very happy with the service provided by Nanoworx. They were professional, easy to deal with, and have done a thorough job. My travertine floors have come up a treat.


Great company to deal with. Cut and polished our terrazzo floors inside and out and very happy with the results. Wasn’t the easiest of jobs but Ramon kept in touch with us regularly and was able to adjust works to meet our needs. Top-quality works including clean up and would recommend them highly. Very reliable.


Ramon took the time to come and view our stone tiles which had issues with etching before quoting. The work was carried out very professionally with great care to protect adjacent flooring, the house was also left spotless. They managed to remove the etching before resealing so are very pleased with the results and can highly recommend


We were amazed at how efficiently and professionally our limestone flooring and travertine vanity tops were restored to their natural beauty. Vinegar had seriously marked our stone floors… they now look PERFECT again. Thank you to Ramon at Nanoworx.


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