Let's Talk Nano Coatings

Our surface coatings are completely safe and pose no risk to the environment or the human body.

Let us start with “what is nano technology?”

We use the term nano to define how small this technology is. The official unit of measurement is a nanometre. We are talking about particles that are smaller than a millimetre. How much smaller? There are a million nanometres in 1 millimetre. Yep, that is definitely small. These tiny particles are called nano particles and they are smaller than 100 nanometres. So a nano technology is any technology where we manipulate matter on an atomic scale to produce something useful.

What is a nano coating?

When we talk about nano coatings we literally mean a surface coating that is based on nano particles so tiny you would need a microscope to see them. Adding these nanoparticles to a premium polymer coating system will improve the end product over a standard coating system. This combination gives the coating system bacterial, reflective and water resistance properties to name a few. What makes nano coatings fascinating is that they are approximately 50,000 times thinner than a human hair – making it invisible to the eye – but providing remarkable protection to materials without changing the original design, structure or appearance of the material.

Is this any different to a regular surface coating or sealer I can buy at Bunnings?

The short answer is, their goal is the same, but they are different. The slightly longer answer is that due to the size of the particles found in our coatings they interact with a surface a little differently. They are so tiny that they fill in little gaps in the surface that you can’t really see and bond to it so that the layer of protection is invisible. They also last a lot longer than applying a regular wax or sealer because it is harder for the coating to be removed due to the size and the chemical bond to the surface. The nano particles in our coatings are combined with premium polymers so our base product which is already incredible is enhanced through nano technology. This definitely means it will outperform what you can usually find at your local hardware store.

How do nano coatings protect my surface?

Below is a picture of natural stone pool tiles that have been coated by us. You can see the darker uncoated area that is wet and the coated area that is literally dry after spraying water on it. The engineered nano particles are designed to fill a layer in and over the microscopic peaks and valleys of many materials. Once the nano coating has been applied, it seals the surface making it hydrophobic and oleophobic – meaning it repels water and oils. With this kind of hydrophobic protection your surface will now resist damage from pool chemicals and the harsh elements, so it will keep its colour and resist cracking for longer. Our nano coatings provide a level of durability and water resistance that outperforms generic sealers.

We’ve also added a video demonstrating how effective nano coatings can be and should give you a good idea of why nano coatings are amazing.
Disclaimer:The product in the video is not our own but it demonstrates what you can expect from the technology.

Nanoworx Glass Coating Benefits

  • RCost effective
  • RSimple to clean
  • RWater and dirt repellent
  • RSelf-cleaning effect on solar panels
  • RScratch resistant
  • RFast application
  • RInorganic UV resistant
  • RSuperior coverage
  • RInvisible layer of protection