Glass Coating

Save money and time

By applying Nanoworx surface protecting products to a number of different substrates. The way Nanoworx can save you money is, once our surface coatings are applied they give the substrate a barrier against permanent damage caused by calcium, salt and acidic attack just to name a couple. In most cases you would possibly need to replace a shower screen or ceramic basin once the damage has been done. This exercise can cost upwards of $1000.00. Nano coating for glass can lower this expense for you.

Save you time

As cleaning will a breeze leaving you with nothing more than a wipe down with water and a microfibre cloth. This is possible because Nanoworx surface coatings utilise nanoparticles to fill the pores of the surface being coated making it impossible for foriegn bodies to penetrate.
Nanoworx Glass Coating conveys a durable, UV stable and invisible coating that provides calcium resistance, water repelling, and antimicrobial properties. Utilising restrictive nanotechnology, Nanoworx has formulated a long lasting, environmentally friendly coating for a wide range of substrates.

Nanoworx Glass Coating technology is centered on colloidal sol-gel materials, they were specifically formulated products which self-assemble into a monolayer surface structure. The utilisation of Nanoworx wet chemical technology enable it to be a low tech application. Methods such as spray on and wipe off, dip coating or spray atomizing can be used.
Nanoworx Perth have several different coatings to suit almost any surface be it for:

hand basins,
glass pool fencing,
vehicle paint protection
and more. Nano coating is a truly revolutionary product that will save you effort, time, money and keep your surfaces sparkling clean.

Other applications include water features, stainless steel, acrylics, fabrics, and polycarbonate. Nanoworx Glass Coating even helps enhance visibility in the rain if applied to a windshield!

These glass coatings were intended to enable smooth and glass-like surfaces to have less contact with earth particles. The hydrophobic and oleophobic impacts bring about particles of contamination like oil, grease, limescale and also materials from environmental pollution to reduce adhesion to the substrates and enable them to be removed easily from the now hydrophobic surface (without the use of abrasive agents or harsh chemical cleaners).

Whether you’re getting Nanoworx Glass Coatings for your home, business space or car protection you’re certain to benefit from its numerous advantages.

Benefits of using Nanoworx Glass Coating:

• Cost effective, fast to apply
• Water & dirt repellent
• Easy application
• Outstanding & unmatched coverage rates
• Hard coating highly abrasion resistant
• Scratch resistant
• Inorganic UV resistant
• Easy to clean/self-cleaning effect on solar panels
• Invisible Nano-scale thickness